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Members of The BB in London may be eligible for two awards schemes which enable the achievement of young people to be recognised along with some financial support for the BB group that they belong to.


The two schemes are:

Groups in Greater London and Essex - The Jack Petchey Achievement Awards
Groups within London Distict outside of Greater London and Essex - The Frank Hepher Achievement Awards  




Jack Petchey Nomination Form
(PDF version or Word version)
Jack Petchey Leaders Nomination Form (PDF version)
(only Companies in London Boroughs can apply)


What does the scheme do?

The Jack Petchey Award Scheme will provide those who have agreed to be part of the scheme with three awards over the year with a value of £200 per award, plus a certificate. The money has to be spent on something for the Company, the funds are not awarded for their personal use. The award is in recognition of effort, endeavour and achievement and the person will need to be nominated by a member or Officer in the Company for a specific reason, using the form by email or by post, explaining the reasons. You will be sent a certificate and 'dummy cheque' which will need to be returned showing how the funds will be spent. It is a condition of the Award that they must attend the ceremony.


How do we access the scheme?

Nomination forms can be accessed either from our website (see download links at the top of this page), or sent to you by post or by email. Once completed these must be returned to the Battalion Secretary or the person nominated by the Battalion to deal with these Awards.


What can we spend the grants on?

The grants can be spent on anything to do with running your Company, examples being games equipment, camping equipment, special events, computer equipment, football kit, sleepover club equipment, leadership training, Duke of Edinburgh equipment; one Company has recently bought a second hand scalextric track.


Who can be nominated?

Any young person can be nominated for effort, endeavour and achievement, who is aged between 11-25 and a member of your Company. This includes young leaders. The leader awards are separate and for adults aged 25 and over. It is not appropriate to nominate the same person for different reasons, the young people can only have one award for their time in the organisation. Please encourage your young people to be involved in the nomination process.


What happens then?

Once we have received the nominations, a 'dummy cheque' and certificate will be sent out to you and the 'dummy cheque' will need to be returned to show how the funds will be spent. When we have received that, we will then arrange for a proper cheque to be sent to the Captain. The awardees will be invited to attend the presentation ceremony during the year where they will be presented with their medallion by the Foundation. We remind you that it is a condition of the Award that they attend this event.

Where can we find the information?


Jack Petchey Nomination Forms can be downloaded from the top of this page. You can also contact the London Office by emailing


Visit the Jack Petchey website at



(Young People only)


The Frank Hepher awards work in the same way as the Jack Petchey awards, but enable those London District Companies that are not within a London Borough or the County of Essex to benefit.


Download a Jack Petchey Nomination Form

(PDF version or Word version)

The Frank Hepher achievement award scheme has been set up in memory of the late Frank Hepher who bequeathed a sum of money for the benefit of The Boys' Brigade in London. The scheme uses some of the bequest to recognise the success of young people and support local BB groups.